Hi! I'm Fiandra. I'm back to tell you a story in the past.

The story is about me in the kindergarten. Maybe it was a sad situation, but at this time it is an embarrasing moment. I think that is a natural thing because I was still a child.

As I tell to you that I entered a kindergarten when I was 5 years old, it was 2007. Before I entered a kindergarten, I always be with my mother or my father. Wherever and whenever I go, I must go with them. I was a pretty spoiled child. For instance, when my mother wanted to go to the market, I always follow her. And when my father wanted to go to the office at weekend, I want to follow him. But, They said that I must be independent. Enter a kindergarten is the best way to makes me be independent.

The story began in the first day I entered kindergarten. I forgot the exact time, but I'm sure it was still under 9 a.m. I was escorted by mother by car to the kindergaten. And my mother still behind me before I entered the classoom. My mother s…

At the book store

Hi! I'm Fiandra. I'm back to publish my conversation with my friend in the book store.

We met in a famous book store. It is near my school.  My friend, Alitha was reading a book there. Then, I saw her and started the conversation.

Me      : "Hi! What are you reading ?"
Alitha : "Hi! I'm reading a book about Doraemon."
Me      : "Oh! Do you like Doraemon? I like Doraemon."
Alitha : "Yes, I do. So we like the same favorite figure? I'm Alitha. What's yours?"
Me      : "Yes, I'm Fiandra. Do you want to but that book?"
Alitha : "Yes, I will buy many books because my house is close to here."
Me      : "Where is your house?"
Alitha : "My house is behind this book store. Is your house close to here?"
Me      : "No, my house is far to here. At Rebana street number 24, and yours?"
Alitha : "My house is at Sari Indah street number 16. What grade are you?"
Me      : "I&…

This is me!

My name is Fiandra Ratna Kesuma. You can call me as Fifi or Andra. But, my friends often call me as Fifi.

I am a fifteen years old girl. I was born in Purwakata on September 19th 2002. My Father was born in Lampung and my Mother was born in Bandung. They met in Purwakarta when they were in their work. My Father was a bank officer and my Mother was a nurse. So that, I am a Sundanese and a Javanese. I am the first child in my family and I have a brother whoose named Muhammad Rizky Kusuma. He was born in Purwakarta on July 8th 2004. My family and I always spend time together in weekend. We can go to the mall, the beach, or even to the mountain. But, sometimes I had to make my homework in weekend. So we can't go anywhere, then we just had a dinner togeher.

Since I was a little child, I want to be a Doctor. I don't know how can I want to be a Doctor at that time. But until now I still want to be a Doctor with many reasons. When I am five years old, I entered a kindergarten. …