Indirect Speeches

Hi! At this time, I will post my English assignment.
This is the indirect speeches from direct speeches in page 28.

Rudi met Ben and greeted him warm-heartedly. He asked Ben how were things going on in his life. Ben replied the greetings and told Rudi about how great he looks in his black jacket. Rudi thanked Ben for saying so. Ben asked Rudi whether the outfit was new or not, for he had never seen it before. Rudi said that his sister had bought the jacket when she went to Singapore.

Rudi then complimented Ben about his new hairstyle. He asked Ben where did he cut his hair, since he liked it a lot. Ben thanked Rudi for thinking so, and told him that it was his brother that had done it for him. He also stated that he could ask his brother to did the same for Rudi if he wanted to. Rudi felt happy and agreed instantly.

Rudi saw Andi walked passed by, and told Ben about Andi's coming. Ben greeted Andi and told him that he had heard the news about Andi won the Speech Competition the month…

Makassar Ebony or Black Ebony


Dago Dreampark : Fun in the Nature!

Hello everyone!
I'm Fiandra and I'm back to describe and advertise a tourist destination, it is Dago Dreampark. You can wacth the advertisement from me in

For tourist matters, Bandung never ends up presenting the tourist attraction. Now, in Dago Giri the 22 km, Mekarwangi, Lembang, North Bandung, West Java there is opened a place called Dago Dreampark. According to the name "dreampark" the place has an area of about one hectare, it present a lot of rides, especially for kids.

Because of Dago Dreampark location is hilly there are some rides area. In the highest place, you can find many rides for kids and archery venue. And also available a restaurant with traditional and Europe foods. In that area too, there a park field. The park field is so spacious, so it is divided some area again. In that place, you can make use of bus facilities that will take you to the low area.  In weekdays it is free, but in weekend it is prices 10.000 rupiahs fo…

Adjectives before a Noun

1. I have a funny normal old blue and black Indonesian plastic glasses.
2. I have a cool normal new white Swiss rubber watch.
3. I have a useful little old blue Indonesian plastic water bottle.
4. I have a nice little new blue Indonesian paper poetry book.
5. I have a simple normal new white Indonesian plastic lunch box.

Qurtsa Activity

Hello everyone!
I'm Fiandra and I'm back to tell you my activity on the 2nd of September 2017 ago.

It is Qurtsa (Qurban Tsalatsa). That means Qurban Three, because we are 3 Senior High School.
Qurtsa is an activity that organize Qurban in 3 Senior High School. This kind of activity has held from several years ago in 3 Senior High School with different name every years. And for this year we took the name is Qurtsa. For Moslem, in the 1st Dzulhijah we always celebrate Eid al-Adha which is we will slaughtered the sacrifical animal and the flesh will be distributed to the poor. Well, those are our duty in Qurtsa. We will prepare all preparation, from the animal, the place, the schedule, until the distribution.
First, I'll tell you that the committe of this activity are us, 3'2020. Not all of us, but some of us that want to this activity go in a good manner. About a month before day of implementation our senior held a meeting for checked who want to be the committe. Then af…

Holiday Plan

Hallo! I'm Fiandra, I will tell you a dialogue.

On Tuesday, August 22nd 2017, Me and my friends, Kayla and Alitha, talk about our plans on next holiday.

Kayla : "So.. Where are you guys going to do this holiday?'
Fiandra : "I think I am going to go to Purwakarta or Jakarta and visit my family there. How about       you, Alitha? "
Alitha : "Hmm... I will going to visit my grandmother in Pangandaran. And you, Kayla?"
Kayla : "I usualy go to my uncle's house at the end of the year. But not to celebrate new year though. We just kind of hang out playing xbox all night. No fireworks or other nasty, loud, bothering, annoying stuff like that."
Fiandra ; "Oh yeah, me too. Me and family often roast corn on midnight. Or we watch some movie. "
Alitha : "I usualy play with my cousins in the holiday there. "


Hi! I'm Fiandra. I'm back to tell you a story in the past.

The story is about me in the kindergarten. Maybe it was a sad situation, but at this time it is an embarrasing moment. I think that is a natural thing because I was still a child.

As I tell to you that I entered a kindergarten when I was 5 years old, it was 2007. Before I entered a kindergarten, I always be with my mother or my father. Wherever and whenever I go, I must go with them. I was a pretty spoiled child. For instance, when my mother wanted to go to the market, I always follow her. And when my father wanted to go to the office at weekend, I want to follow him. But, They said that I must be independent. Enter a kindergarten is the best way to makes me be independent.

The story began in the first day I entered kindergarten. I forgot the exact time, but I'm sure it was still under 9 a.m. I was escorted by mother by car to the kindergaten. And my mother still behind me before I entered the classoom. My mother s…